Modern Outdoor Lighting That Adds Beauty to Any Space

Oelo brings your perfect outdoor style to light with permanent structural lighting solutions for your home or business. Practically invisible by day. Uniquely expressive by night. Quality lighting by Oelo—light up your outdoor experience.

“Our home not only shines during the holidays – now it puts off a warm, year-round glow. We love our Oelo lighting!”

Susan Butters

Permanent LED holiday lights light up this Colorado home.

Radiant lighting

Oelo LED lighting systems lend simple, elegant ambience to any outdoor space. With a unique design that’s both permanent and configurable, Oelo offers limitless ways to love your lighting for years to come.

Customizing our multicolor permanent LED lighting system is incredibly simple, too. With the color wheel feature in our smartphone app, you have a veritable kaleidoscope of hues waiting at your fingertips.

Permanent holiday lights can change to whatever color or combination of colors you like.

Spaces that shine

Whether it’s to create a welcoming glow at the front of your home or business, encourage year-round enjoyment of an outdoor living space, or lay the foundation for holiday luster with outdoor Christmas lights, make your statement with Oelo.

Whatever your needs might be, our dedicated team will help you figure out the best lighting system for your home or business. You can even upload a photo of your outdoor space, and our lighting experts will offer you their professional design assistance on what lighting system will work best for your property.

Blue permanent LED holiday lights shine brightly on this home.

Light your space

Achieve a customized lighting design that expresses your style and suits your space. You can take the reins of the planning process, or rely on Oelo’s expert service to create an ideal lighting concept.

All our lighting systems come with a five-year warranty. If our permanent LED lighting is found to be defective, we will shoulder the repairs or parts replacement. When you invest in Oelo lighting solutions, you invest in a system that’s eco-friendly and enhances your property.

Let's bring your home or business to light

As a company based in Colorado, we understand the beauty of the outdoors. That’s why Oelo’s mission is to provide homes and businesses across North America—from Canada to Dallas and Houston, TX—with durable, stunning modern outdoor lighting that make for unforgettable design accents.

All our outdoor LED lighting products are created using an advanced manufacturing process, resulting in a system that’s incredibly light and discreet, yet unbelievably resilient against the elements. LEDs are also one of the most energy-efficient lighting technologies on the market, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your lights on all night—or all day.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas lights for your home or commercial lights for your business, there’s only one name to trust: Oelo.