Oelo Contractors Install Outdoor Lights in Houston, TX

Need a contractor to install permanent LED holiday lights from Oelo? Just plug your zip code in the search bar below and we’ll give you a list of professional Oelo installers in the Houston area who can help you.

Versatile lighting that’s perfect for a diverse city

As one of the largest metropolises in the country, Houston is also one of the most diverse cities in America. For a city that’s home to such a colorful mixture of cultures, Oelo offers our beautiful and modern outdoor lighting.

Our lighting solutions use LED technology, making them an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting options. Since our LEDs can emit different-colored lights, you can easily customize our outdoor LED lighting to suit your needs.

Preparing for the holidays? Turn your Oelo lighting system into outdoor Christmas lights to create a festive mood. Want to have that perfect romantic dinner on your patio? Turn your Oelo lighting the perfect shade of red and adjust the brightness. Whatever your mood, holiday, or occasion, you can personalize Oelo’s permanent Christmas lights however you want.

We specialize in permanent LED lighting mounted directly to the fascia of your home or business. With a sleek, barely-there design, Oelo is practically invisible during the day, so it won’t take away from your structure’s facade.

Aside from providing Christmas lights to homeowners, we also supply commercial lights to businesses. We can’t wait to help our Houston customers ramp up their outdoor spaces. For any questions regarding our products, please call us at 970.212.3670 or email us at LightYourSpace@oelo.com

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