Installing Christmas Lights and Other Modern Outdoor Lighting Solutions on Homes, Businesses, and Outdoor Living Areas

Backed by 30 years of experience in the mission-critical lighting industry, Oelo delivers the only structural lighting solution that is both permanent and configurable. Built to last with high-quality materials, our products enable customized lighting concepts that withstand the test of time.

A low-profile design seamlessly fits your home, business, or other outdoor structure, remaining disguised by day and gleaming by night. Plus, with preprogrammed settings and easy control options, Oelo lighting solutions create the perfect evening effect for every mood, moment, or occasion. We offer a distinct selection of products, including commercial exterior lighting, permanent LED holiday lights, and outdoor LED lighting.

Permanent Christmas lighting makers Oelo headquarters in Fort Collins, CO.

Where we work

A Colorado company, Oelo is based in an area with a deep love of the outdoors—something that has served as a source of inspiration for our modern outdoor lighting solutions. From our US-based factory, Oelo’s skilled and experienced engineering team meticulously ensures the quality of our structural lighting products.

Oelo permanent holiday lights all-weather protective channel.

Our commitment to quality

Made in the USA, Oelo products are the result of a cutting-edge manufacturing process. Durable materials combine to form structural lighting solutions that are both safe and robust, while LED engines offer low-voltage, energy-efficient lighting that lasts.

Oelo offers superior install service for our permanent holiday lights and patio lighting.

Superior service

At Oelo, we believe in our products and want the best experience for our customers. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can offer personalized service to achieve your ideal lighting concept, provide expert assistance during the ordering and installation phase, and ensure your ongoing satisfaction with the final product.

Oelo offers a five year warranty on their lines of permanent LED lighting products.
Oelo permanent holiday lighting channel is durable to protect your new LED lighting for years to come.

Our channel for radiant light

Oelo relies on high-tech coextrusion manufacturing techniques to ensure the optimal quality and durability of our products. The integration of pigmented and nonpigmented components produces a pure, translucent channel for emitting brilliant light. Our outdoor lighting systems are also designed to handle the elements, featuring a blend of polymer materials that protect against moisture, degradation, and fading.


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Our durable lighting channel is available in 9 colors to fit the overall aesthetics of your space.

The durability you need, the look you want

Endcap and connector assemblies are produced of impact-resistant, UV-stable plastic, overmolded to form a tight seal and designed to run seamlessly along any structure’s façade. Four positive-locking tabs on all endcaps and extension adapters hold firmly in place around the lighting channel, providing ultimate moisture resistance. End caps and extension components are also designed to allow for temperature expansion and contraction throughout the year.

Our lighting channel is not only durable—it’s also designed to fit the overall aesthetics of your space. Select the channel color that best compliments the trim of your structure or architecture. Oelo offers nine color options to ensure a good match for your space: white, tan, light gray, dark gray, light brown, dark brown, blue, green, and black. You can further customize the channel by painting it your specific color of choice.

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The custom Oelo app offers limitless lighting settings on your favorite smart device.

Lighting controls in the palm of your hand

Oelo’s intuitive smartphone app makes it easy and convenient to control your entire lighting system. Choose from an infinite amount of color options or create your own custom lighting programs to get the exact feel you want. Explore your lighting possibilities with ease and convenience.

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Lighting possibilities

Oelo products are powered by individual LED engines to deliver safe, energy-efficient, and configurable lighting.

Lustrous light source

Oelo products are powered by individual LED engines to deliver safe, energy-efficient, and configurable lighting. Choose the colors that suit your style and even customize the spacing of your light engines to fulfill your ideal lighting vision.

Oelo's single-color and multicolor RGB options let your home, business, or outdoor living area shine brightly and uniquely.

Vast color options

Oelo’s single-color (nonchanging) and multicolor options let your home, business, or outdoor living area shine brightly and uniquely. White lights offer subtle charm to outdoor living spaces, while millions of potential color hues create vibrant displays of festivity and celebration. With added effects from our multicolor LED engines, lights can dance before your eyes or dim to your desired glow. Create your own preset lighting programs or choose your own infinite stable color options.

Oelo's mobile app provides convenient ways to control and customize your permanent holiday lights display.

Simple lighting controls

Oelo makes it easy for you to enjoy your lighting. Our mobile app provides convenient ways to control and customize your permanent holiday lights display, while waterproof boxes can be placed discreetly around your home or business for access to the main power supply and controls.

Oelo's eco-friendly permanent Christmas lights are a great alternative to traditional string lighting.

Sustainable business

At Oelo, we recycle all of our waste and encourage our customers to do the same. We are committed to sustainability, both in our operations and product designs. Throughout the manufacturing process, Oelo ensures that our systems are constructed of recyclable plastics and electronics. We are dedicated to maintaining a minimal environmental footprint in our production techniques.