Beautiful Permanent LED Lighting Made Easy

Oelo offers easy and flexible ways for you to light any space—whether it’s the front of your home, a covered patio, or a business entrance. Choose from the options below to achieve your perfect outdoor LED lighting concept.

Easy kits

Take a look at our illustrations and descriptions to choose the permanent LED holiday lights kit that best matches your space or structure. Then customize your order by choosing your preferred channel color.

Get your custom quote

Upload photos of your space, and let our lighting experts customize your permanent LED lighting for your home, patio, or business. Finally, select from our channel colors to fulfill your unique vision.

Find a contractor/installer

Entrust your Oelo modern outdoor lighting experience to one of our trusted professionals. Let us handle it all—from measuring your space to installing your permanent LED Christmas lights.

If you have any questions about our permanent Christmas lights or commercial lights, don’t hesitate to contact us below.